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Learn everything you need to know about Blockchain & crypto currency to achieve unimaginable levels of success.

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Training and Consulting on Blockchain?

What we offer

Our comprehensive range of courses led by industry experts with extensive practical experience.

We are an online platform providing crypto educational resources & networking opportunities for individuals and enterprise to learn about Blockchain.

Get it Crypto is the right platform to propel your aspirations.

Unlock a world of limitless freedom and imagination.

 Our Goal is to educate people about Crypto.

The power of collaboration and strategic partnerships is the key; two people cannot walk together unless they agree, so the concept of Partnership should be imparted to us from the beginning. We enable inclusion by supporting a variety of participants, Government – private sector including banks, fintech’s, and members of the public.

Youth Development

We are committed to advance the crypto industry’s growth and development by empowering the Youth. Encourage them to make use of the unusual opportunities to learn and earn, which are brought by the 4th industrial revolution.

Should blockchain be adopted, it will solve unemployment and Juvenile Delinquency.

We created the academy because the crypto world is filled with Hype, Gimmicks, and Scams. So, we want to empower people with the relevant knowledge. People perish because of a lack of knowledge. Knowledge is the power to take them out from the hands of scammers to the real world of cryptocurrencies.

 $GIT is a community-driven consensus token that will only be issued once the community size reaches 100 000 members. *$GIT* is issued using a *BEP-20* token and deployed to the Binance Smart Chain *(BSC) $ GIT* represents crystallization and a long-term vision to design a state-of-art payment solution. *$ GIT* will Unlock cross-border Payments by enabling real-time settlements.